Runhood Performance - Metabolic Conditioning

Runhood Performance - Metabolic Conditioning

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Runhood Performance
  • Metabolic conditioning workouts are a combination of exercises that build strength with lateral and dynamic movements. The training provides positive stimulus for your muscles, tendons, and tissues along with injury prevention. MetCon workouts can burn lots of calories during the session based on intensity and keep the body burning calories after your workout ends. They usually involve the entire body, short periods of rest and are designed to push the limits of your body to build strength and endurance while getting toned.


    Saturday, 30 September 2020
    08:00 AM
    (60 mins training session + 15 mins discussions)
    Live via Zoom

    Rundown as follows:

    • Warm-up
    • Dynamic Activation 
    • Basic Muscular Engagement Set
    • Main Set
    • Q&A Session

    Led by our head coach Johnny Tieu, a Boston Marathoner and Spartan Race Pro Athlete.

    Recommended Equipment:

    • Pen/Pencil and notebook
    • Towel
    • Exercise Mat
    • Mineral water for your hydration

    For more inquiries, feel free to reach us at 0813-1916-8332

    We can't wait to see you in the class!
    Runhood Performance Team

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