Jadilah bagian dari Loket dengan misi dan passion yang sama untuk menciptakan sistem kerja yang kondusif melalui Loket core value.

  • Think Bigger
    Think Bigger
  • Aim for Excellence
    Aim for Excellence
  • Collaborate with Compassion
    Collaborate with Compassion
  • Be Reliable
    Be Reliable
  • Be Innoviative
    Be Innovative
  • Have Integrity
    Have Integrity
  • Have Fun
    Have Fun


  • Copywriter


    • Experience min 2 years in copywriting (in startupor advertising agencies are preferred).
    • Able to write persuasive and convincing copy for awide array of writing needs, such aspushing notifications, newsletters, banners, etc.
    • Able to generate content in various platform withdifferent tones.
    • Good understanding with social media trend.
    • Able to work in teams and meet tight deadlines withmin supervision.
    • Excellent writing and proofreading skills both inBahasa and English.
    • Attention to detail and great time management.


  • Business Consultant


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, in any relevant field.
    • Two years’ experience in Entertainment/Attraction/event/themepark industry, especially OTAchannels preferred, but not necessary.
    • Strong numerical & analytical skills and attentionto detail.
    • Ability to develop big picture thinking and strategyfor bed bank in their respective market.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook andPowerPoint.
    • Strong interpersonal skills & ability to influenceexternal/internal stakeholders.
    • Strong prioritization and planning skills; must becomfortable making trade-offs vs. trying toget it all done.
    • Written and spoken proficiency in English.

    Job Descriptions

    • Devise and implement strategies that grow entertainment ticketing industries.
    • Build and develop attraction partnerships to meetthe Company’s objectives.
    • Develop new tools and process that contribute to greaterproductivity and efficiency.
    • Step in when needed to directly manage, and strengthenrelationships with partners.
    • Hone your analytical skills in better understandingbusiness and conversion drivers and howto optimize them.
    • Prepare and present high-quality weekly reports includingsharing best practices.
    • Be innovative and creative in identifying, pitchingand building new relationships withpartners for Loket.
    • Work in a data-driven environment.

Creation & Partnership

  • Creation Lead


    • Bachelor degree in Business/Management or relatedfield.
    • Min. 3 - 5 years experience in promoter/agency/eventindustry/brand event.
    • A person with high integrity.
    • A self starter and task oriented person.
    • A creative person with good perspective of businessacumen.

    Job Descriptions

    • Create event with various network/brand.
    • Conduct end to end business process.
    • Manage offline production.

Technology and Product

  • Software Engineer


    • Min. 1-2 years experiences.
    • Strong understanding on Relational Database and able to design ER Diagram or structuring data.
    • Have a good understanding of Web Technology including HTTP, Web Services, OAuth and RESTful API.
    • Familiar with Linux Environment.
    • Experience working on one of the following programming languages (Go, PHP, Python, Ruby).
    • Experience working with DBMS like PostgreSQL, MySQL.
    • Fast learner and able to work independently with minimal supervision.
    • Good communication skills.
    • College drop-outs, coding boot-camp alumni, are welcome to apply.
    • Able to work with a team and get used to it with deadlines.

    Job Descriptions

    • Develop a scalable and efficient web based application.
    • Integrate with partners and develop API for external services.
    • Write a good, clean, readable, testable and maintainable code.●Contribute and participate in all phases of the development life cycle including analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance.