• This is COLORFUN not color run. The Famous Festival of Color. We bring in the most colorful festival on earth to Jakarta.

    What to expect?

    Colorfun is the perfect moment for you to being Youth, Fun, and Kind. Ah, don't forget Guest Star performance, @aviwkila, @natyashina and @rendypritananda, DJ @varraselvarra_, and DJ @ajayonerr

    What is Youth Color Fun?

    Youth Color Fun 2019 colorfull and full of color event that will be heldat Jakarta, Lagoon Beah Ancol February 17, 2019. We keen to present you a creative event where joy are created, happiness are shared, and kindness are spread. As we all believe, cheerfullness (is) for everyone.

    Participated by thousands of Millenials, from all over Indonesia, especially Jabodetabek area. You can expect a complete color fight party and fun smart flash mob synchronic move, guest star entertainment, cover dance competition, and exclusive interesting doorprize at the same event. Completed with curated healthy food bazaar.

    Youth Color Fun 2019 colorful

    Colorfun encourage all participant to Be YOUTH, Be KIND, and Being FUN as well. We believe fun and happiness could be shared, as is kindness. We create fun, we share joy, and we giving back charity for society. It feels fun, and even better. Come and join us to achieve one missions only, to spread "cheerfulness for everyone".

    What will the event look like?

    Well, it’s easy to tell. The clues are Youth, creative performance, food bazaar, and color fight party combined together. Can you imagine? It’s a “colorfull mess”, fun, and unite. We began and ended in fun, kind, and fresh as young soul. Do not forget chance to get brand new and exclusive merch and doorprize, off course.

    How to join?

    Come and simply have fun. But first, just find and click “TICKETS” button, follow the instruction and finish all process until you get Colorfun Participation ID, and all set.Please, Feel Free To Ask



    +62811 122 783 (WhatsApp)

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    Youth Color Fun 2019

    YOU WILL GET FUN KIT: + T-Shirt + Sunglasses + Bracelet + Color Powder + Tote Bag + FunID to Draw + Free Ancol Pass*

    Berakhir tanggal 2019-02-10 20:00:00

    Youth Color Fun 2019 (Buy 3 Pay 2 Limited Promo)

    Included: + Free Ancol Pass + Color Powder Pack + Colorfun Free Pass

    Berakhir tanggal 2019-02-07 22:00:00

    Youth Color Fun 2019

    ||ANCOL ENTRY TICKET IS NOT INCLUDED|| You'll get: + Colorfun Entry Ticket + Color Pack Powder for Color Fight Party

    Berakhir tanggal 2019-02-17 17:00:00


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