SEA Digital Skill Accelerator Fair by Wallstreet DevOps
SEA Digital Skill Accelerator Fair by Wallstreet DevOps

SEA Digital Skill Accelerator Fair by Wallstreet DevOps

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Wallstreet DevOps
  • Wallstreet DevOps proudly presents SEA Digital Skill Accelerator Fair 2021!

    SEA Digital Skill Accelerator Fair is a special online event held by Wallstreet Devops consisting of 3 days mini classes about Digital Marketing, Data Science, UI/UX, Coding and other soft skills aims to achieve our social mission to accelerate young generation’s talent in South East Asia to the next level by inviting all global expert to share their knowledge and experience through the mini class.

    During these 3 days, you can only join 1 class program per day

    You will have many insightful and educative sessions:

    Day 1 - December 1, 2021 - Digital Marketing Class & Web Development Class

    • Digital Marketing: The Future of Creative Campaign
      • New Creative Ads Campaign Strategies
      • The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Advertising Campaign
      • Campaign Strategy Framework
      • Campaign Performance Analysis
      • Post Pandemic Hit: How to Tap New Trend to Our Campaign
    • Copywriting Hacks: Increasing Conversion with The Best Copy & Content Marketing
      • Basic Definition of Copywriting
      • Copywriting Urgency at Engagement, Marketing, and Sales Phase
      • Values Your Copywriting Must Have
      • Determine Your Objective
      • Know Your Product
      • Understand Your Audience
      • Master the Formula
      • Evaluate Your Copy
      • Effective Learning Method
      • Storytelling Strategies & Pyschological Triggers
    • Web Development: The Future of Developer
      • Introduction about Developer
      • The Opportunities and Challenges to be a Developer
      • Know more about Frontend, Backend, Fullstack Developer
      • The Role of Developer in Supporting Business

    Day 2 - December 2, 2021 - Data Science Class & UI/UX Class

    • Data Science: The Role of Data Science in Industry 4.0: How Data Science Drives Business
      • Introduction about Data Science and Industry 4.0
      • Why Does It Make More Sense Than Ever Before to Become a Data Scientist?
      • The Role of Data Science and Big Data in Industry 4.0 (Supporting Business)
      • Data Science Careers : Which Role Should You Go For?
    • UI/UX:  Driving Sales Performances with UI/UX
      • Introduction about UI/UX Design
      • UI/UX Design Process and Software Recommendation
      • How to Become UI/UX Designer 
      • Job Opportunities in UI/UX
      • How to Use UI/UX Designer to Increase Revenue, Sales, and Subscribers

    Day 3 - December 3, 2021 - Career Coaching Class

    • Career Coaching: Start From CV, Get Your Dream Job Now
      • The Importance of a Good CV and its Explanation
      • Important Things That Must Include In Your CV
      • Tips to Attract Recruiter's Attention with Great CV
      • How to Win the Interview


    1. E-Certificate
    2. Class Voucher IDR 1 Million
    3. Special Doorprize

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    1. Wallstreet DevOps uses WhatsApp Group for the SEA Digital Skill Accelerator Fair participants.

    2. After you are registered, Wallstreet Devop will send you a link via email to join the WhatsApp Group channel.

    3. The event link will be sent immediately in the WhatsApp Group. So, make sure you join the group before the event starts!

    4. E-tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

    5. All information regarding tickets and events, please contact the following number +62 896-5436-5770 (Arman)


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