Somia Academy Online: Design Research Skills

Somia Academy Online: Design Research Skills



    Learn practical skills and tips to rock your next design research!


    Price: Rp. 1.500.000 half price cut from Rp. 3.200.000 

    Date: 14 April - 05 May 2020

    Duration: 3 Weeks

    Time Commitment: 4 hours/week

    Number of participants: 20

    Location: Online - Slack (communication) & File-sharing platform (details to be provided)

    Host: Kevin Tan - Senior Researcher at Somia Customer Experience


    Course Description & Objective

    Conducting design research could uncover many insights to make improvements and as a catalyst for creating innovation.

    In this 3-week course, you will learn essential skills to conduct design research starting from research planning - know which methods to use, and how to gather primary and secondary data. We will also share some practical tricks and tips in conducting design research that we gathered through our experiences.

    Practice makes perfect! In order to enhance practical learning, we have prepared a series of exercises equipped with templates to give you hands-on experience in running your design research. Starting from listing your hypothesis, defining research questions, planning and conducting your research, you will be able to plan your research with confidence.

    Class Format

    This is a fully online course and all the assignments will be done individually. The course materials will be in English but the facilitation will be in Bahasa Indonesia. You can view and access all course materials online (details will be shared) during the period that the course is open. You will also be set up in Slack as the course communication platform where you communicate with the instructor, facilitator and your peer. 

    The course will be conducted by one instructor and one facilitator. The videos are recorded by the instructor and he will be giving you feedback during the course. Meanwhile, the facilitator will support you in any administration matters, course materials and communications.

    There are no live sessions but you need to follow the homework and peer review deadline each week based on the course agenda. Upon completion of the course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion that you can share with your professional networks. In order to earn this certificate, you need to pass with a 70% score based on the set scoring system.

    What’s unique about this online class:

    • A set of course materials each week consisting: notes, video and homework
    • Critique and feedback from your peers as part of learning process
    • Critique from the instructor on your individual submitted assignments
    • Set slack channel as communication platform with dedicated facilitator 
    • A Certificate of Completion that you can share with your professional networks

    What you’ll learn

    What will be covered in this course 

    • How to make hypothesis
    • Research planning & methods
    • How to gather information through visual research
    • Preparing & conducting interview
    • Learning how to give and receive constructive feedback

    What will NOT be covered in this course

    • Analyzing the data gathered 
    • Deriving insights and recommendations
    • UI/ UX/ Service design process
    • How to communicate results

    Course Syllabus

    Week 1: 

    • Research Objectives
    • Research Methods
    • Hypothesis
    • Research Questions
    • Research Plan
    • Learning how to give and receive constructive feedback

    Week 2: 

    • Service Safari
    • Online Listening
    • Diaries / Photo Journal

    Week 3:

    • Define & recruit users
    • Creating stimuli out of assumptions
    • Creating discussion guide 
    • Conducting interview

    Who this course is for

    Entry - Beginner Level

    User researchers, design researchers, strategists, public service planners, and anyone who wants to learn essential skills in conducting design research.


    • Love of learning
    • Curiosity
    • Optimism
    • Empathy

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