[Session 6] Investree Conference (i-Con) 2020

[Session 6] Investree Conference (i-Con) 2020

Diselenggarakan oleh Investree
Diselenggarakan oleh Investree

[Session 6] Investree Conference (i-Con) 2020

Diselenggarakan oleh Investree
Diselenggarakan oleh Investree
  • Topic: 

    The Role of Financial Institutions in Accelerating SMEs Recovery

    Haryanto Suryonoto - SME Business Head of Bank Danamon
    Kohei Nakajima - Head of Asia Strategic Investment & Lending of GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.
    Mega Ekaputri Pujianto - Department Head SME Digital Business, SME Banking Group Bank Mandiri

    Amalia Safitri - Chief Risk Officer of Investree

    Investree Conference (i-Con) returns this year to deliver further insight about financial technology, its collaboration with digital ecosystem, and its impact on the growth and recovery acceleration of SMEs in Indonesia.

    On the sixth session of Investree Conference, the speakers will exchange their knowledge and opinion on:

    1. Not a competition, conventional financial institutions and fintech lending have found ways and carried out strategic collaborations to provide easy and fast financing solutions for SMEs. The challenges and future projections of this collaboration will be discussed.
    2. Criteria needed for Domestic and Foreign Financial Service Institutions (LJK) to conduct cooperation in channeling with fintech lending companies.
    3. The effect of collaboration in channeling fintech lending on the growth of LJKs.

    Find information about i-Con 2020’s all sessions in here.

    Event Information:

    1. This session will be conducted in English.

    2. This event is exclusively held on Friday, November 20th, 2020 at 08.30 AM – 5.30 PM (GMT+7) through Zoom, with consecutive separate agenda for each topic.

    3. Had you need more information, you could get more information on our Instagram (@investree.id) and Facebook (InvestreeID).

    4. Make sure that your internet connection is sufficient for joining this session as the video quality depends on your internet bandwidth.

    5. Every participant will get an e-certificate from Investree.

    Syarat & Ketentuan

    1. Provide clear and right personal information when registering and purchasing the e-ticket for the event as well as joining the webinar. Your registered information will be put in the e-certificate.

    2. After successfully registers, the participant will get a registration link for Zoom in the e-mail that is sent to the participant by LOKET.

    3. The participant is required to re-register through that link to get the invitation to Investree Conference 2020.

    4. When attending the webinar on Zoom, the participant is required to provide the same e-mail that is used to register in LOKET.

    5. E-ticket applies to 1 (one) participant and 1 (one) time use on the date and time of the event. It is prohibited to share or give the e-ticket to any party.

    6. E-ticket that has been purchased cannot be cancelled and/or transferred to any party for any reason.

    7. Investree has the right to take the necessary actions if fraud is detected.

    8. The participant is expected to standby on Zoom at least 30 minutes before the event starts.

    9. The participant is prohibited to download and/or record entire or a part of this webinar.

    10. Copyright violation of this webinar content is regulated by the law.

    11. The participant can use the live chat feature on Q&A session by providing the participant’s name and then asking the question(s).

    12. The participant is prohibited to use inappropriate words that include SARA (ethnicity, religion, and race) and pornography on the live chat.

    13. By registering, the participant understands and agrees to the terms & conditions that applies.

    14. By registering, the participant agrees to the collection, storage, and utilization of the participant’s data for the event and the organizer.

    15. The organizer has the right to deny the participant’s admission in the webinar if the terms & conditions are not applied.

  • [i-Con 2020] Session 6
    The Role of Financial Institutions in Accelerating SMEs Recovery. Waktu: 15.50 – 16.35 WIB

    Berakhir 2020-11-20 12:00:00



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