NusaPonyCon 2019
NusaPonyCon 2019

NusaPonyCon 2019

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  • Selamat datang ke acara My Little Pony Fan Convention  pertama di Indonesia! Ayo bergabung dengan acara perkumpulan yang kerap dikenal sebagai pony convention pertama di Indonesia, yang akan bertempat di Museum Nasional Indonesia Jakarta, pada tanggal 13 Juli 2019. Acara ini adalah acara untuk para penggemar dan fans acara televisi My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic yang dibuka untu semua umur, dengan konten yang banyak berevolusi dengan kekayaan karya dari fandom atau komunitas penggemarnya. Siapapun kamu, kami mengundangmu untuk menghadiri perayaan persahabatan untuk seluruh nusantara ini!

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    We welcome you to Indonesia’s first ever My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention! Join us for a celebration of friendship and a great day with friends and fans alike.

    NusaPonyCon is Indonesia’s first ever convention dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is an event that is aimed at fans of the show from every demography. Regardless of your age, gender, or where you come from, we welcome you to join the archipelago’s celebration of friendship.

    Join us for the archipelago's first celebration of friendship.

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    About Us

    We are a small team of fans who envision to bring the joy of pony conventions to our homeland, and we commit to deliver the greatest experience we can possibly offer. Pony conventions such as NusaPonyCon relies heavily on the contribution, support, and donations that is provided by the brony community, and we do not intend to profit in any way. Any ticket purchases, donations, or sponsorship will go one hundred percent into bringing home a festival of friendship our archipelago will not miss out on!

    While NusaPonyCon is the first pony convention in Indonesia, our management team has experience from other successful Southeast Asian conventions. Our team members have run or volunteered with Project SEAPonyCon, a multinational pony convention project that ran successfully in August 2017 in Bangkok, and October 2018 in Singapore, with attendees, performers, panelists, and special guests from outside Southeast Asia. Some of our talents also helped with Singapore’s Cantermare University and Malaysia’s Friendship Express pony conventions. Our international network of friends and advisors provides us with the procedures and support we need to run the first-time convention.



    • How do I buy my tickets?

      • You can buy our tickets from our ticket page. Our site is the only place where you can purchase our tickets online. accepts major payment methods for everyone, including:

        • Convenience store cash payments

        • Bank transfer (BCA, Bank Permata)

        • Go-Pay

        • Visa/MasterCard credit cards and domestic debit cards, including international cards

      • If you have special arrangements or requests for ticketing purchases, please contact [email protected]. This email address is the only place where you can arrange special ticket purchases.

    • What if my bank is not listed?

      • For Mandiri/BNI/BRI/BTPN Jenius/DBS Digibank/Panin/Other Visa and MasterCard debit cards

        • If your card has a Visa/MasterCard logo on it, please select the Visa/MasterCard option on checkout. If your bank denies the transaction, please perform your payment by using Go-Pay or by transferring your funds to PermataBank account.

      • For GPN Cards

        • If you have a GPN debit card and an account not on BCA or Bank Permata, please perform your payment by using Go-Pay or by transferring your funds to PermataBank account.

      • For Cash Payments

        • You can either perform your payment by topping up your Go-Pay account or by visiting your nearest Alfamart convenience store.

    • The tickets are too expensive! Please lower it!

      • NusaPonyCon is a nonprofit event that aims at providing everyone the best experience possible. That means, we explicitly refused to use sponsorships from companies and brands so that we will not have to alter our convention to accommodate for sponsor advertising requirements and dedicate it fully to you. That also means our founders entirely pay for this convention out of their own pockets, so we are taking zero revenue from ticket sales. We have calculated and set the price of our tickets to pay for our venue, and every attendee matters, as ticket sales and official convention merchandise (if any) are our only source of income. That said, this is the lowest our tickets can go, and purchasing them online is the cheapest option to get them!

    • Can I buy tickets at the door?

      • We recommend that you purchase your tickets online through This will allow you to save costs on our admission to the convention. Ticket prices at the door will be higher than our online prices.

    • Can I refund my tickets?

      • All ticket sales are final and requests for a refund will not be entertained. The only conditions of refund entertained are internal errors or internal team shortcomings that leads towards cancellation of the event. For information about how we handle event cancellation, see “what happens when the event is canceled?”

    • Can I buy tickets for others?

      • Yes. You may purchase tickets under the same name for others. However, you would need to specify preferred printed names of other members of your ticket during ticket purchase, or at the door.

    • How do I buy multiple tickets?

      • You can buy up to five tickets per order from our ticket page. If you’d like to purchase more tickets, you can make multiple separate orders. This limitation is imposed by our ticketing site.

      • If you have special arrangements or requests for ticketing purchases, please contact [email protected]. This email address is the only place where you can arrange special ticket purchases.

    • Can I pay for my tickets later?

      • Sadly, we require payments upfront on or through our contact email. You do, however, have Go-Pay’s PayLater option if you pay with Go-Pay on You can also pay our tickets with your credit card on

    • Can I transfer my tickets?

      • Tickets may be transferred, but they must not be resold at a higher price to anyone.

    • Can I resell my tickets?

      • You cannot resell your tickets at a higher price to anyone.

    • What happens when the event is canceled?

      • In the unlikely event that the event is canceled, any funds that you have paid to our official ticketing site will be refunded to you within fourteen working days of our announcement. The speed of the refund varies through your payment type and conditions internal to our ticketing provider. You will receive a full refund for the ticket fees, but will not receive a refund for any convenience or transaction fees corresponding to your payment method.

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    Tiket standar dengan untuk pembeli pertama sebelum waktu habis | Discounted standard tickets for early birds.

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    Tiket standar akan ditukarkan dengan lanyard resmi saat acara | Standard ticket you'll exchange with a lanyard at the event.

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    Tiket Hari Raya | Eid-Fitr Discount Tickets

    Tiket masuk standar berdiskon saat libur lebaran | Discounted standard entry tickets during Eid Fitr holidays.

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