Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

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    What if we can control our dream?
    Well, most of us dream thoughts and action are uncontrolled. The dream plays out like we are watching a movie
    But not, all the same. There is another kind of dreaming called Lucid Dreaming, which is more like we are playing a video game than watch a movie.

    Join Luna as we explore her mysterious dream. Her ability to experience lucid dreaming will take us to the world we never discover before. So, sleep tight everyone, cause we are #abouttolucid


    1.1 One Ticket purchased entitles one person entry to the Attraction on a single occasion. Once Visitors have left the Attraction, they will need to purchase an additional Ticket to re-enter the Attraction

    1.2 All persons entering the Attraction must hold a valid Ticket that must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required by any member of staff. Failure to produce a valid Ticket on request may result in removal from the Attraction

    1.3 Where Ticket prices vary according to age, the following provisions apply:

    1.3.1 A person above 3 years or older is classed as a normal ticket;

    1.3.2 For children under 3 years no admission fee will be charged

    1.4 The price of Tickets may vary from time to time and the prices advertised are not guaranteed

    1.5 Tickets will include entry to all areas of the Attraction

    1.6 From time to time, Lucid Dream may issue Tickets under special promotions (“Promotional Tickets”) but Promotional Tickets will be available subject to availability and subject to any terms and conditions affecting the particular promotion

    1.7. Lucid Dream will be close in 28 July 2019, please reedem your ticket before. Any redemption after 28 July 2019 will not be Lucid Dream obligation. 

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    Weekdays (Senin - Kamis)

    IDR 50.000,00 + Tax 10%

    Berakhir tanggal 2019-07-17 17:00:00

    Weekend (Jumat-Minggu)

    IDR 80.000,00 + Tax 10%

    Berakhir tanggal 2019-07-17 17:00:00


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