KS Meet Up 2022: Thank You. Next?

KS Meet Up 2022: Thank You. Next?

Diselenggarakan oleh Kindred Spirits
Diselenggarakan oleh Kindred Spirits

KS Meet Up 2022: Thank You. Next?

Diselenggarakan oleh Kindred Spirits
Diselenggarakan oleh Kindred Spirits
  • About Kindred Spirits
    A group of sparkling stars, that shines together. Represents a community of women that lifts up & fix each other's crown. By definition, kindred means similar or related; spirits means self or being. In our terms, kindred spirits means two of more people having special connections and similar interests. We believe that all women should have equal opportunities and access to grow and choose the life that they aspire.
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    About KS Meet Up 2022 "Thank You. Next?"
    KS Meet Up
    is a place where we gather and help young women of our generation to be inspired, set their goals, and empower them to get there through the views of expertise from inspiring leaders or figures to HR practitioner.

    KS Meet Up 2022 is inspired by the most popular song, “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande talking about her love life journeys that are not always as beautiful as a rainbow but also lessons and sorrow. Despite that, the song also radiates optimism if only we are willing to be patient and turn the pain into something amazing. In a broader perspective, our life also works the same way as the song.

    Through the spirit of the song and welcoming the new year, we would like to encourage people to say “thank you” for all the obstacles and bad memories in the past and be fearless to say “what’s next?” to level-up ourselves and continue pursuing our goals.

    The event will be done through a motivational session followed by 2 sessions (2 talk shows and workshops) that covers topics of setting your dream goals & career and manage your personal well-being.

    Day 1: Saturday, February 5th 2022 (13.00 - 16.30 WIB)

    Year 2022: Same Person, Better Version (60')
    Speakers: Alanda Kariza (Principal at Advislab) & Linda (Shopee Indonesia - People Team)
    It’s a great start to welcome the new year with a better version of ourselves. As a foundation of the whole event, this session aims to address the speaker’s “Thank You, Next?” turning point that led them to their new success.

    Life After University: Career or Master Degree? (75')
    Speakers: Cazadira Tamzil (Mata Garuda), Dio Anamia (HR Practitioner), Rezki Warni (Gojek)
    Life after college can be exciting yet frustrating. Many of us are still clueless about where life will bring us to the next journey. The session is intended to address the vacillations met by fresh graduates after they graduated from college.

    How to Balance Your Ambition and Well-Being (60')
    Speaker: David Irianto (Co-Founder of Greatmind)
    In this hustle culture, people tend to focus on pursuing their dream and goals and rule out the importance of mental health. The session is intended to address the urban youngsters problems that have tons of ambitions but lack of self and mental health care awareness.
    Day 2: Sunday, February 6th 2022 (13.00 - 16.00 WIB)

    To Stay or To Stray: The Art of Building Your Career Path (90')
    Self-actualization as the art of achieving the ‘ideal self’ is at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Meaning, as human beings, we tend to keep exploring the best version of ourselves. The session is suitable for people who are craving for more challenges and keen to explore various career fields to find their true passion and level up their career.
    - Irene, Shopee Indonesia - People Team
    - Amanda Valani, Head of Original Content at Narasi
    - Gita Syahrani, Kepala Sekretariat Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari
    - Rizky Ambardi, Head of Recycling Business at Waste4Change
    Important Notes for this session:
    Please choose 1 (one) preference on what career path you are interested in and fill out your preference through the registration form on this event page. Each career path of this session will be discussed in a different breakout room.

    Journaling 101: Tidy Mind for a Tidy Life (60')
    This workshop session will explore the importance of journaling, its effect on our well-being, and how to make the first step of it. This session is a safe space to let everyone share their stories and get inspired by each others' stories.
    Speaker: Anggita H. Panjaitan (Adult Clinical Psychologist at Biro Psikologi Attentive)

    Let's connect and grow together!

    Syarat & Ketentuan

    • All sessions will be held using Zoom Meeting. The Zoom link will automatically added to your e-ticket section "Watch Here"
    • One person can buy up to 3 tickets of one transaction; can be from different category or the same ticket category
    • Women and Men are welcome
    • Fill out any required personal information fields (name, email, and phone number that is also connected to WhatsApp) with the valid data and correct spelling
    • Please choose 1 (one) preference of the career path session on Day 2 "To Stay or To Stray: The Art of Building Your Career Path" because each career path will be discussed in a separate/different breakout room. Fill out your preference through a Registration Form.
    • All sessions will be presented in Bahasa Indonesia
    • Please join at least 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time
    • Ready to feel inspired and get empowered to welcome new year with the better version of yourself? Don't forget to take some notes, prepare your questions, let’s have fun!


    Self-Improvement pengembangandiri karir wellbeing personaldevelopment
  • 2-Day Pass
    Kamu dapat mengikuti seluruh sesi selama 2 hari penuh (5 & 6 Februari). Informasi detail mengenai sesi, silakan baca Deskripsi Acara.


    Reguler - Day 1
    Kamu dapat mengikuti seluruh sesi di tanggal 5 Februari 2022. Informasi mengenai sesi, silakan baca Deskripsi Acara.


    Reguler - Day 2
    Kamu dapat mengikuti seluruh sesi di tanggal 6 Februari 2022. Informasi mengenai sesi, silakan baca Deskripsi Acara.


    PAYDAY SALE!! (2 Day Pass)
    Tiket 2 Day Pass diskon 50% hanya berlaku dari tanggal 25-31 Januari 2022!


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