• Open registration                               : 10 Dec - 29 Dec 2019
    • Running period                                   : 26 Dec - 29 Dec 2019   
    • Latest Running record submission  : 31 Dec 2019 

     Run anywhere and anytime you like. It's Virtual Run!

    Ticket price: Rp 130.000*

    Race pack:

    • Drawstring bag
    • T-Shirt (limited by size)
    • Face tattoo
    • E-Bib
    • E-Certificate

    And Finisher medal

               *free shipping

          How to join:

    1. Buy the ticket at loket.com
    2. We will send you the link to download the e-bib
    3. Run should be done in the stated period (26-29 December 2019)
    4. You are free to choose the location and time (jogging track, trial, treadmill, etc) with minimum distance 5 Kilometer
    5. Record your running time through your favourite running App or photo your treadmill distance
    6. Multiple runs are allowed as long meet the minimum 5 Kilometer distance
    7. Submit the record latest on 31 December 2019 at 23:59  by email to brandevent@tauzia.com and put your T-Shirt size request and the shipping address for the race pack in the body e-mail. The record/app screenshot/treadmill photos should have a date according to the stated period
    8. The Race Pack will be delivered at least 30 days after the closing running record submission
    9. The medals will be given for the 5K finisher, for runners who didn’t finish, we will still send the Race Pack
    10. The profit of this event will be donated to TAUZIA Equal Chance to help children’s education (ISCO foundation)
    11. Want to get more? 
    12. Share your running picture on Instagram with #HARRISVirtualRun and #HARRISDay2019 to win the prize for best outfit. Don't forget to write your best caption 
    13. The best outfit and caption will have a chance to win an additional prize for 3 (three) persons:
    14. Free Hotel voucher
    15. Sports items
    16. Goodie bag

    The profit of this event will be donated to TAUZIA Equal Chance to help children’s education (ISCO foundation)

    Further information: https://www.harrisday.whatsupharris.com/


    General Rules:

    1. No cheating! The running should be done according to our running period
    2. Record submission after the time that has been stated will be disqualified
    3. Limited T-Shirt size, who’s fast they get the size. We will not accept any T-Shirt size changes
    4. Please check our website for the T-Shirt size availability
    5. In this event, we count on your honesty and sportivity. We have a right to disqualify for any suspicious result

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    Ticket includes Race Pack & Finisher Medal *All profit will be donated to support children's education (ISCO)

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