[GlintsTalk x Tiket.com] Tiket.com Journey: Reinventing Employee Experience Strategy

[GlintsTalk x Tiket.com] Tiket.com Journey: Reinventing Employee Experience Strategy


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  • Remote/hybrid working has become a “new normal” for the current employment setting. That means there will be more virtual events and less activities in the physical space, hence starting the digital era of employment.

    This requires organizations to rethink a new and better employee experience journey that fit with current condition, and make employees engaged even in remote situation. Starting from recruitment, onboarding, to career development, virtually.

    What do employers need, to have a good Employee Experience in this digital era? Join our webinar “GlintsTalk x Tiket.com: Tiket.com Journey: Reinventing Employee Experience Strategy” with Dudi Arisandi, Chief People Officer of Tiket.com. And we'll discuss Tiket.com initiatives and innovations in reinventing their Employee Experience.

    We will discuss:

    1. Evolution of Employee Experience in the digital era, before and after the pandemic
    2. The strategy for building effective Employee Experience program
    3. The real-case example of innovations in Employee Experience


    GlintsTalk is an independent employer event that aims to educate employers about various HR and business-related topics. This event is hoped to help leaders, professionals, and experts to grow their business in the most efficient way with the focus on maximizing the potential of their employees in their everyday business practices.


    • This event will open at 15.45 PM (fifteen minutes before the event start) while the event will start at 16.00 PM
    • This event will be conducted in Bahasa
    • This event will be held via Zoom Webinar
    • Invitation zoom link can be access on e-voucher [please click the link at the bottom of the event image that reads [Watch Here
    • For further information please reach out to thoriq@glints.com

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