ActionCOACH Jakarta "Build Up Your MTP"
ActionCOACH Jakarta "Build Up Your MTP"

ActionCOACH Jakarta "Build Up Your MTP"

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  • Webinar Event - Powerful Tips for CEO
    Serie: Exponential Growth

    Why 96% of business Just stagnate in the “mice” stage and never scale up to the next level?

    To scale up a business, your company’s “Reason of Being” should be Big, Universal hence attractive to the public! 

    Build Up Your MTP

    Your organization should state its Massive Transformative Purpose Clear & Loud! 
    So that you create synergy from all parties (6 parties) surrounding you, to make this BAHG happen. 

    In this webinar Serie, Coach Cahyadi will bring you step by step how to discover your power MTP and stand out from the crowd! 

    Find it out by joining the FUN and INTERACTIVE Webinar session with Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan and ActionCOACH Jakarta, and get the 12 PROVEN Steps to shift your company to an exponential organization This Powerful exponential growth Serie will be divided into 12 webinar sessions, held once a month, so that, after each session, you have time to digest and implement in your organization.

    Facilitated by:
    Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan
    (Senior Business & Executive Coach)
    Coach Cahyadi has gone through the peak of his professional career in a multinational company for 22 years and now he has been focusing on being a Business & Executive Coach for 14 years, aiming for helping C-level suites. He believes that businesses can be run with the simplest ways and built upon a strong foundation of management.

    Part 2: Build Up Your MTP

    Date, time:
    Friday, 15 October 2021, at 4-5PM 
    WhatsApp Chat : 
    Call : 021 2567 5775

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