Diselenggarakan oleh TEDxJakarta
Diselenggarakan oleh TEDxJakarta


Diselenggarakan oleh TEDxJakarta
Diselenggarakan oleh TEDxJakarta
  • TEDxJakarta invites you to a global initiative that emphasizes the urgency of accelerating solutions in response to the climate crisis through leadership, breakthroughs, and transformation. The session will provide actionable and research-backed ideas, wonders, and inspirations of cutting-edge science and creativity in response to the crisis. Our goal is to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner, and fairer for everyone. #JoinTheCountdown  #TEDxJakarta


    TEDxJakarta mengundang kamu dalam mengikuti inisiatif global yang menekankan untuk mempercepat solusi dalam menanggapi krisis iklim melalui kepemimpinan, terobosan, dan transformasi. Sesi ini akan memberikan ide-ide yang dapat ditindaklanjuti dan didukung penelitian dan inspirasi dari ilmu pengetahuan dan kreativitas dalam menangani krisis. Tujuan kita adalah membangun masa depan yang lebih baik dengan mengurangi setengah emisi gas rumah kaca pada tahun 2030 dalam perlombaan menuju dunia tanpa karbon - dunia yang lebih aman, lebih bersih, dan lebih adil untuk semua orang. #JoinTheCountdown #TEDxJakarta

    Syarat & Ketentuan

    1. “Countdown by TEDxJakarta” is an attempt to join the global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to aid for the issues of the climate crisis by turning ideas into action.

    2. This event will be held via Zoom (download or update your Zoom application and be familiar with it beforehand).

    3. Set your alarm or reminder for October 10th, 2020 at 9.45 AM to join the Zoom link.

    4. You can join our Zoom Cloud Meeting by clicking the “Watch Here” button that is present in the E-Voucher.

    5. Should there be any difference spotted in the E-mail and name between the E-Voucher and registration when accessing “Countdown by TEDxJakarta”, participants will not be allowed by the host to enter the room.

    6. E-Voucher only applies to 1 (one) person and 1 (one) time usage in accordance to the event date and time.

    7. E-Voucher that have been purchased are unable to be refunded or passed on to any other person.

    8. By purchasing the E-Voucher, participants are considered to understand and agree to the terms and conditions that apply.

    9. TEDxJakarta is allowed to implement appropriate actions should there be any inappropriate or disrespectful actions done by the participant.


    D-DAY Guidance


    1. Join early to the Zoom link and participate in our interactive! 

    2. Don’t arrive late because you’ll miss the juicy parts of the event!

    3. Rename your Zoom display name with this format: first name(space)last name

    4. Don’t use a different name with the one you used at the registration page when you try to log in to the Zoom.

    5. Take notes that inspire you -- you want to be able to recall the discussion later on. 

    6. Share ideas worth spreading on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook using #JoinTheCountdown #TEDxJakarta and tag @tedxjakarta.




    1. Have not installed ZOOM application and registered (create profile) on platform on D-Day.

    2. Use tasteful pictures for virtual background (if you want to hide your surroundings at home, that is). 

    3. Don’t leave your mic on and create noise during the event. Please be polite with all speakers, participants, and volunteers. (Spamming ie. leaving unrelated, upsetting comments/questions to the speakers or posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic message).

  • [LIMITED] Golden Tickets
    1 (one) ticket only for (one) person

    Berakhir 2020-10-06 21:00:00



    1 (one) ticket for 1 (one) person

    Berakhir 2020-10-09 23:00:00



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