Building a Source of Inspiration with Hajime Kimura

Building a Source of Inspiration with Hajime Kimura

Building a Source of Inspiration with Hajime Kimura

  • Japanese photographer Hajime Kimura will lead a one-day workshop that enables participants to bring in their photo and art-based projects and discuss different ways to edit them with fellow participants as well as the mentor. The projects can either be existing ones or future projects that are about to start.

    Through this workshop, it is hoped that participants get to learn about other people’s thoughts on their work, and how they could contribute to fellow participants’ editing process. That way, participants may develop a different way of looking at their projects and build a source of inspiration.

    About the Mentor

    Hajime Kimura is a Japanese photographer born in 1982. He was raised in the Chiba prefecture just outside Tokyo. Having studied architecture and anthropology at university, he began his career in 2006. In 2019, his photo book “Snowflakes Dog Man” was published from CEIBA edition, “Mišo Bukumirović” from Reminders Photography Stronghold as a hand-made edition in 2020 and "Correspondence" was co-published from the (M) éditions and Ibasho gallery in 2022. Recently, he has been working on some projects with the theme of "certainty of memory" in Serbia and Japan.

    Syarat & Ketentuan

    • Participants must be 18 years or older
    • Participants should bring in their own projects of any genre alongside a project statement. It is preferable to print out the project visuals in wide-edit format with a maximum of 100 images.
    • Participants will be invited to share the goal of the project with Hajime before the workshop
    • JIPFest program manager will be in touch with you prior to the workshop to inform the logistics

    If you need further info on the workshop or travel suggestions for overseas participants, please contact Tasya at [email protected] or +62 877-7155-0231 (WhatsApp only).


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  • Workshop: Hajime Kimura
    Japanese photographer Hajime Kimura invites participants to rethink their photo and art projects from different perspectives.

    Berakhir 2023-09-20 23:00:00



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