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Design Thinking Conference 2020

Whether you are a business owner, a professional or a student, Complex Problem-Solving skill is one of the most important skills you could learn in order to succeed in your career and business! One way to solve complex problems in an easy and creative way is through Design Thinking, a process which has been used by top companies in the world from Apple, IBM to Gojek.

In Design Thinking Conference 2020, Ideate.Id has gathered design thinking experts from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia to share their knowledge and experience in 6 workshops and talks about Design Thinking Mindset, Business Innovation, Design Sprint, UX Design, Product Design and Research over 2 days.

Through this conference, you will acquire the following practical skills which would be beneficial for your work, business and life:

  1. Adopting a Design Thinking Mindset as a way to solve complex problems
  2. Becoming innovative and creative in your business and work 
  3. Analyzing and improving your customer's experience
  4. Conducting product and customer research 
  5. Designing and launching a successful product/business

Our List of Accomplished Speakers: 

  • Ron Lal - Co-Founder and CEO of Ideate.id 
  • Selena Griffith - UNSW Senior Lecturer of Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Lily Wu - Head of Program NewCampus
  • Borrys Hasian - Director of Design at decacorn Startup, Google-certified Design Sprint Master
  • Anton Rifco - VP of Product Warung Pintar 
  • Adi Nugroho - Chief of Business and Innovation at Festivo VR Indonesia
  • Rezza Pradana - Chief Product Officer at Soundfren
  • Smiley Kuntjoro - Ex-Gojek, VP of Product and R&D Loket and Go-Tix, Co-founder and CPO of Kaget! 

Join us in Design Thinking Conference 2020 with these incredible minds to learn a smarter way of solving problems! 

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