Wot Batu - Museum & Installation

Wot Batu - Museum & Installation


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Wot Batu
  • Wot Batu is a configuration of energy which occurs from Sunaryo’s spiritual and transcedental journey. In an ±2000 m2 open space with 135 +1 stones which are conceptually and harmoniously planted and laid out in it. Sunaryo withdraws a line of the mountains surrounding Bandung, and from that line he brought volcanic stones that became a medium of a timeless masterpiece. Every carvings, inlays and fragments were not intended to change the stones, yet to incised a note of a civilization – a legacy from the 21st century for generations to come.

    Sunaryo created Wot Batu to be a spiritual ‘bridge’ : to be the balance between the human soul with the physical manifestations of life, also to be a link of the four elements of nature. In Wot Batu, earth, fire, water and wind communicate with each other in harmony. Wot Batu brings the ideas of space and time – an awareness on human exsitence in an infinite dimension of nature.


    10 AM – 6 PM
    Closed On Monday and National Holidays

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    Wot Batu Ticket Entrance

    Price Includes: - Entrance Ticket - Drink - Joining the gallery tour to learn more about the story behind each piece.

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