Water Sports Adventure

Water Sports Adventure


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PT Surya Utama Nirmala


Splashing water, sunlight, and waves swash are perfect combination on the beach and you will get that when you are in Bali. One of famous beaches on Bali is Tanjung Benoa. It has long been well known and has become the mean tourist destination with is clean white sand and they can relax. Not only for relax but also there are a lot of water sport activities which ready to pump up your heart. In addition, you want to do it again and again. What an exciting activities! Here, several water sports activities which ready to make you addict:

Parasailing Adventure
You can see how wonderful Tanjung Benoa from the air. Feel the beach breeze which blow up your mind. Beautiful scenery of the sea water is easily found by flying like a bird with string more than 100 meter up makes this activity really unforgettable memory in our life. Parasailing or parascending, is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the air. This will done by two people each time of flying with starting up from the boat.

Banana Boat
Did you go out in a group? And do you want to feel your togetherness? The right choice is Banana Boat. Gathering Banana Boat ride is the most enjoyable experience. It thrills for all and feels like kids ride over the ocean with blue seawater and big long soft marshmallow. It is a fantastic group game on the seawater which bring you to the exciting experience on your vacation in Bali. It uses equipment, which meets the international standards. Such as life jackets, speedboat and banana boat itself. The professional guides who accompany you during banana boat rides Bali, are well trained and experienced, so the safety and convenience of banana boat rider is prioritize in this activity.

Jet Skiing
Water sports enthusiasts each day busy with office work or other activities can reduce stress by trying Jet Ski at Tanjung Benoa. Jet Ski, riding a motorized sea vehicle will get different experience and the fresh sea breeze will swirl your hair. Fun riding on the blue water with the combination of jet Drive Power up to 700 cc and personal water craft will result pure excitement. Before Jet Ski activity started, Jet Ski guide will introduce how to play Jet Ski. Such as the introduction of machinery, throttle, brake, driving technique on the water, and security over the sea to avoid a collision with fishing boats and other Jet Ski rider. All the equipment that already meets the International standards supports water sports, like the Jet Ski itself, life jackets and other equipment and this will done with instructor to avoid any accident.

Rolling Donut
Donut, a word that really familiar to our ears. The shape is round on the middle there is a hole. But on this page we don’t write about Doughnut but Rolling Donut. If we go to Tanjung Benoa Bali, we will be introduced to the game Rolling Donuts. This is not a game of eating donuts.Game sitting on a donut, rocked and pulled by speed boat. The shape of a donut-like shape with Banana Boats just a lot like a donut, donut here can be played by 2-4 people and it depends on the speed boat on request.Use inflatable raft, which is look like Doughnut. The raft able to accommodate up to two or four people and pulled by speedboats around the coast.


  • Including Of : 
    1. Professional instructor
    2. All safety equipment
    3. One round Parasailing
    4. Two rounds Rolling Donut
    5. Approx 15 minutes Banana Boat
    6. Approx 15 minutes Jet Ski with Instructor
    7. Shower facilities, Changing room, Lockers
    8. Mineral Water
    9. Local taxes
    10. Insurance
    11. Hotel pick up and drop off in Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Tuban, Jimbaran, Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, and Nusa Dua area / *AVAILABLE FOR PACKAGE INCLUDE TRANSPORT

  • Not Including : 
    1. Photos/DVD Photos
    2. Personal (optional) expenses
  • Important Info : 
    Pickup time: 9am or 11am or 1pm (*AVAILABLE FOR PACKAGE INCLUDE TRANSPORT)
    2. Without Transfers: meet at location between 10am to 2pm
    3. Ticket open date until 31 March 2021
    4. Please reconfirm your arrival date prior your arrival through Whatsapp : +6281936109809 or email to booking@balisuntours.com to ensure the availability of space
    5. Duration (pickup till drop off): approx 3 hours
    6. A minimum of 02 people per booking is required
    7. Please bring: sunscreen, camera, and change of clothes
    8. Ticket is non-refundable

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