SPECIAL; Profiling the Leaders, Sara Kolata
SPECIAL; Profiling the Leaders, Sara Kolata

SPECIAL; Profiling the Leaders, Sara Kolata

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    SPECIAL; Profiling the leaders, Sara Kolata!

    Meet Sara Kolata a global business mentor with her heart for architecture and helps architects to become independent, thriving, and profitable. She has her bachelor's in arts achieved at the University of the Arts in London and fell in love with architecture. Originally from Poland and living in many other European countries working on projects, she lives and works in Spain at the moment. While building her career she had to fight to achieve personal recognition for her work with great success. This led her in becoming an example for many other Architects and this became a business where she now trains, coaches and mentors many architects to become successful.

    Leadership styles are influenced by character (genotype), phenotype influences, experiences, education, emotional intelligence, and much more. Because of this, every leader is different and almost none are the same even when it seems like that. The differences between leaders are not found in hard skills (knowledge), but always in their social and soft skills. Most of us think that this cannot be developed but emotional intelligence proves otherwise.

    Therefore in our event series of Nov\Dec, we want to introduce our participants to different types of leaders who will be interviewed about their self-image, self-awareness, and how they see themselves as a leader.

    All the leaders who will speak made a Personality Profile Assessment* based on the DISC methodology and +20 years experience in Psychometric Analysing by SDA Indonesia.


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