Publication 101: Guides to Improve Research & Academic Writing Skills
Publication 101: Guides to Improve Research & Academic Writing Skills

Publication 101: Guides to Improve Research & Academic Writing Skills

  • As a part of our commitment to contribute in a continuous education, JEC Eye Hospitals and Clinics through JEC Academy presents our latest webinar series "Publication 101: Guides to Improve Research & Academic Writing Skills". 

    Publications can be regarded as an asset that enables authors to gain recognition and acknowledgement as experts in a particular field at national and international levels. However, publishing research paper can be a challenging task and authors may have to face journal rejections. In academic publishing, journal rejection rates vary widely and can be as high as 76 percent. Several studies suggest that at least 20 percent of published articles were first rejected by another journal. 

    Therefore, we present "Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Journal Rejection" as the first webinar of the series. This webinar is open not only for researchers but also clinicians, students, healthcare professionals, or anyone interested in publishing their works.

    What will you get?

    1. Full practical insights and knowledge from the Expert
    2. Live Q&A session
    3. E-Certificate


    Terms & Conditions :

    1. Webinar will be delivered in English.
    2. This webinar uses Zoom platform. Participants are expected to download the latest version of Zoom to their devices and login to their Zoom accounts before the webinar starts.
    3. Once payments are completed, participants will receive notification and web link to do re-registration. Zoom webinar link will be sent after completing the re-registration process.
    4. Please ensure to insert name and email address correctly as information will be sent through email. Please check your spam or junk folder should you not receive any email. 
    5. There will be Q&A session after speaker's presentation and participants can directly send their questions via the chat box during the live webinar.
    6. For further information, please contact: [email protected]


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