Learn to Deal with your Insecurities at Work.

Learn to Deal with your Insecurities at Work.


  • Insecurity is something we can not avoid as human beings, wherever we are. Whether at home or at work, feeling insecure in a public space is totally normal. If you are the type of person who gets easily insecure especially when you're at work, Join our speakers Bianca Tamara and Iranaya Dewanti the creators of @Cakap.Sore as we talk about insecurities at work and how we learn to deal with it. 


    You will also learn :

    • What could cause insecurities at workplaces.

    • The impact of being insecure at workplaces. 

    • Why you should learn to deal with insecurities at your workplace.

    • And many more!


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    Date: 23rd February 2021

    Time: 19.00-20.00


    We are going Live on @apiary.coworking Instagram account, so save the date now and share your experiences with us!



    • Please attend the Workshop on time.
    • The workshops and talk will be presented in Bahasa 

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    Learn to Deal with your Insecurities at Work

    with Bianca Tamara & Iranaya Dewanti from @cakap.sore

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