Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Influencer Marketing Masterclass



Influencer Marketing and its elder brother Branded Content have been one of the most hotly discussed topics in the last few years. On one side you have marketers who are on track to spend US$10 Billion in 2020 and on the other side, people rake influencer marketing over the coals stating the lack of authenticity and credibility.

This training is built on GetCraft’s experience running over 5,000+ content marketing & sponsored content campaigns for 450+ brands and catalyzed by surveys commenced from 10,000+ consumers and 200+ brands.

We delve into why performance-driven marketers are now spending millions of dollars on influencer marketing & branded content, how sponsored content may be the closest marketing will get to personalisation-at-scale, the opportunities available to you as a marketer & how Influencer Marketing may be the future of social media marketing!

In this masterclass, you’ll get answers to the following questions:

Native advertising, influencer marketing, branded content, etc. - what's the difference?
What are the trends around sponsored content in S.E. Asia?
What sponsored content opportunities are available for my brand?
How to decide which publishes & influencers to work with?
Social Media Marketing 2.0: Where does sponsored content fit into this?
How do I measure the effectiveness of all this work
About the speaker:

About the trainer

Anthony Reza Prasetya Reza is the Co-Founder and CEO Indonesia at GetCraft, Southeast Asia’s Premium Creative Network.

Since inception, GetCraft has grown to 180+ people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & the Philippines, works with over 550+ brands and 8,000+ creative talents & companies, and has given over US$15 Million back to them.

Reza has always been fascinated with helping brands and companies tell meaningful stories and impact to people’s lives, hence often invited to speak at marketing events, such as Social Media Week, Future Commerce Indonesia, Nielsen C360 Conference, etc. Also, running Jakarta Marketers Meetup and Marketing Masterclass Series.

He has spent his career at McCann Erickson, McCann Digital, Sampoerna Foundation, and Social@Ogilvy.


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