IF Academy: How to Build Community Engagement Strategy
IF Academy: How to Build Community Engagement Strategy

IF Academy: How to Build Community Engagement Strategy


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  • "How to Build Community Engagement Strategy, the New Normal way"

    In this talk, we will discuss how to build a community engagement strategy, explore best practices in the new normal era, and learn the tools to grow your community to new heights.

    Laura is currently a Community Manager based in Indonesia building developer communities and social media engagement. She has more than five years of experience in growing startups, and launching scalable community engagement initiatives across Southeast Asia. Previously, she was an early team member at HOOQ and building a startup community at Monk's Hill Ventures to help their business grow at scale. While not on the job, she spends her free time building her online photography portfolio.
    Key takeaways:
    1. Developing a community engagement strategy
    2. Key metrics to measure the health of a community
    3. Create meaningful stories - connect with your community in the digital age
    4. Understand the tools and technology to build a community


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