IF Academy: "Brand building on Social 101"

IF Academy: "Brand building on Social 101"


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  • Taryn Yusuf
    +6 years ago, Taryn shifted gears from Fashion Business to the world of digital marketing and advertising. Currently, she is the Creative Strategist of Google Indonesia.

    Axel Widjaja
    With +14 years of art based creative who has been working with leading players in the creative industry including BBDO and Dentsu. Then jumped to the client-side, helping Grab Indonesia to become Decacorn and currently helping Google as Creative Lead.

    Key Takeaways

    - Creative strategy - Creating distinctive brand assets on social 
    - Paid social strategy - Getting to know your audience and micro-targeting them 
    - Measuring success and turning it into insights



    • Registrasi dimulai pada pukul 09.50 WIB
      Registration starts at 09.50 AM
    • E-Tiket akan dikirimkan ke email anda maksimal H-1 sampai 2 jam sebelum acara dimulai.
      E-ticket will be sent to your email maximum H-1 until 2 hours before the class started
    • E-Tiket tidak bisa di refund dan di cancel
      Not refundable and cancellation ticket
    • Dengan membeli Tiket ini, anda bersedia untuk dilakukan pengumpulan data yang bersifat pribadi untuk keperluan tim IF Academy.
      By purchasing this ticket, you agree to the collection of your personal data for the purposes of IF academy team
    • TIdak diperkenankan untuk merekam video dan audio saat event sedang berlangsung
      Video and audio recording not allowed to the event
    • Jika anda memiliki pertanyaan terkait dengan tiket, harap hubungi alamat email Loket.com di support@loket.com
      If you have any question about the ticket please contact Loket.com: support@loket.com
    • Jika anda memiliki pertanyaan terkait dengan acara, harap hubungi alamat email Verdi@innofactory.co atau di Whatsapp +62812-9292-6550 If you have any question about the event please contact Verdi@innofactory.co or WhatsApp at +62-812-9292-6550


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    IF Academy (Bundling Package)

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