International Environmental Health Seminar (IEHS)
International Environmental Health Seminar (IEHS)

International Environmental Health Seminar (IEHS)

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Evergreen FKM UI 2021
  • International Environmental Health Seminar (IEHS) is a part of Evergreen FKM UI 2021. IEHS aims to bring experts in environment and health to talk about the urgency of “Rises of Waste in the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Health and the Environment”. We hope that IEHS can help academics, health practitioners, and the public collectively take action to help manage the waste increase during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    This seminar will be open with a speech from Ir. Sinta Saptarina Soemiarno, M.Sc, Director of Performance Assessment of Hazardous Waste and Non-B3 Waste Management as the keynote speaker. IEHS will have two sessions with each session having its own subtheme:

    1. Session 1: The Increase of Medical Waste and Its effect on Health. This session will be delivered by drg. R. Vensya Sitohang, M.Epid (the Director of Environmental Health, Directorate General of Public Health, Ministry of Health).

    2. Session 2: The Increase of Waste and Its Impact on the Environment. This session will be delivered by:
      - Dr. Deborah Thomson (Founder and President of One Health Lessons) 
      - Muharram Atha Rasyadi (Urban Campaigner at Greenpeace Indonesia)

    IEHS will be held on:
    Date        : Saturday, 16th October 2021
    Time        : 08.00 - 12.45 WIB (GMT+7JKT)
    Platform  : Zoom meeting

    Participants will receive:
    1. E-certificate with 6 SKP (IAKMI, HAKLI, EHSA)
    2. Module and recording
    3. Doorprize*

    *Doorprize will be given to some participants

    Contact us through Instagram @evergreenfkmui or through the IEHS contact Person (Habibah: 085780347748) for further inquiries. For more information about Evergreen FKM UI and IEHS you can follow @evergreenfkmui on Instagram.


    1. Participants must ensure the name registered for ticket purchase is in accordance with participant's real name as the name registered will be written on the e-certificate.

    2. Participants must ensure the email listed at the time of ticket purchase is an active email and is written correctly.

    3. Each email can only be used for one transaction. The amount of tickets that can be purchased in each transactions is 1 (one) ticket.
    4. Participants must ensure that the contact listed at the time of ticket purchase is an active contact and is connected to Whatsapp.

    5. Participants are required to make the payment based on the LOKET regulations after filling the registration form.

    6. Information on the maximum ticket payment limit at LOKET, including:

      • Gopay: 15 minutes

      • Link Aja: 5 minutes

      • ShopeePay: 15 minutes

      • Virtual Account BCA: 3 hours

      • Virtual Account Mandiri: 3 hours

      • ATM Transfer: 3 hours

      • Indomaret: 3 hours

    7. Participants are required to pay within the specified time limit. If the payment code is no longer valid, participants are expected to do a re-registration.

    8. All valid payments will be processed, NO refund is available.

    9. Participants are required to check their respective email (including the spam folder) for payment confirmation and ticket which will be sent automatically by LOKET (only after valid payment).

      • Click on the “Click Here” hyperlink on the confirmation email.

      • Followed by clicking on the “Watch Here” hyperlink on the E-Voucher to join The IEHS Whatsapp group.

    10. The link for the seminar will be informed through the Whatsapp group and email. Failure to join the Whatsapp group within 48 hours before the event, the committee will manually invite you to the group chat.

    11. Several days prior to the event, a reminder email will be sent to you through the committee email ([email protected]) consisting of The IEHS Whatsapp group link, and other related details. 

    12. Participants MUST attend the event from start to finish because there will be a confirmation of attendance which is a requirement to receive the e-certificate with 6 SKP. 

    13. Module, recording, and e-certificate will be sent to participants' respective emails no later than 3 weeks due to the process of the SKP.

    14. Participants that wish to receive the modules and recordings early are welcome to contact us via email ([email protected]) or through the IEHS contact person (Habibah: 085780347748). 

    15. If you have any inquiries regarding the event, do not hesitate to contact us via email ([email protected]) or through the IEHS contact person (Habibah: 085780347748). 

    16. By registering to our event, participants have agreed to IEHS terms and conditions.

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