How to Apply Strategy : Killing with a Borrowed Knife
How to Apply Strategy : Killing with a Borrowed Knife

How to Apply Strategy : Killing with a Borrowed Knife

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  •  Powerful Tips for CEO-Ancient Chinese 36 Strategies .”

    Part 2: How to apply strategy # 3: Killing with a bororwed knife & strategy # 4: Waiting at leisure while the enemy labor in the business world

    Most of the time, we learn that those successful entreprenuers, know how to utilize others strength to accomplish their project, and mostly apply the right tatic at the right moment.

    In this session, we will go through how you can apply those taxtic smoothly: using other party action to get what you want and also a smart tactic how to let the market leader spend on huge promotion budget while you get the wind fall record sales! 
    Dive Deep into the mind of Chinese Strategiests and learn from them how to implement those wisdom in your business

    Find it out by joining the FUN and INTERACTIVE 18 Webinar sessions with Cahyadi Kurniawan and ActionCOACH Jakarta, and get the 36 Strategies with a clear implementation to bring your business to next level! The learning about 36 Strategies will held monthly every Friday where Coach Cahyadi will share with you the essense, & implementation.

    Facilitates by:
    Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan
    (Senior Business & Executive Coach)
    Coach Cahyadi has gone through the Peak of his professional career in multinational companies for 22 years and now he has been focusing on being a Business & Executive Coach for 14 years. aiming for helping C-level suites & owner. He believes that business can be run with the simplest ways and built Upon a strong foundation of Management. 

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