GO-TALK x SheLovesData Indonesia Data Engineering Night

GO-TALK x SheLovesData Indonesia Data Engineering Night


  • About She Loves Data

    She Loves Data was born out of the belief that women have many talents, virtues, and value to bring to the table when it comes to data, technology, and analytics. Our goal is to help women become more Data Literate by providing Workshops and events, organize Hackathons and build a community of like-minded women for them to find their #DataTribe.

    We started in Singapore in October 2016 and we run over 38 workshops in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia & 3 successful Hackathons. Since October 2016 we’ve trained up over 2,260 women through She Loves Data events. The global online community of over 5,000 women!

    About This Event

    Data Engineering (and it’s problems and challenges) doesn’t get enough spotlight. If you look at the trending topics, it’s AI, ML, Data Science, Deep Learning and what not. Yet research tells you that up to 80% of the sexiest job in the world (aka Data Scientist) is made up of gathering and cleaning data and dealing with its quality. What Data Engineering means, what challenges it meets and how you can grow up as Data Engineer – these and other questions will be covered this evening. Speakers presentations will be followed by an informal panel discussion – prepare your questions!


    • 6.30 - 6.50 : Registration and Welcome
    • 6.50 - 6.55 : Opening speech from SLD
    • 6.55 - 7.00 : Opening speech from GO-JEK
    • 7.00 - 7.20 : 1st speaker - Johanes Alexander, Product Engineer at GO-JEK
    • 7.20 - 7.40 : 2nd speaker  - Vojtech 'V' Kurka, CTO and Co-Founder at Meiro
    • 7.40 - 8.10 : 3rd speaker - Afifi Rahmah Muluk (Agile Coach) and Tomas Vitek (VP Digital Technology) at Home Credit Indonesia
    • 8.10 - 8.55 : Q&A, Panel discussion
    • 8.55 - 9.05 : Wrap-up and Thank you


    1. Johanes Alexander (Product Engineer at GO-JEK)

    Johanes was Lead Solution Architect at Business Intelligence GO-JEK (now he’s a product engineer!). He'll share his amazing life as an architect of giant data infrastructure. GO-JEK’s data engineering journey has brought so much lesson learned. We'll explore how GO-JEK achieving scalability and stability to support business growth.

    2. Vojtech 'V' Kurka (CTO and Co-Founder at Meiro)

    Don't even try, just call him 'V'. Self-proclaimed data nerd, V holds the product R&D fort in Brno, Czech Republic. He is about all things data engineering, analytics and data processing, data science and technology. When he is not doing that, he is usually obsessing about coffee or motorbikes. V will talk about using Docker based stack for building scalable data pipelines for customer data platform. 

    3. Afifi Rahmah Muluk (Agile Coach) and Tomas Vitek (VP Digital Technology) at Home Credit Indonesia

    Afifi and Tomas have decided to change the way how Business Intelligence Competency Center works in Home Credit Indonesia. They implemented the Scrum Framework one year ago. Since then, more departments have shifted towards the Agile way of work. Afifi and Tomas will share the journey with you, tips and lessons learned. Get ready to challenge the status quo in your company.

    If you want to find out more about our activities, please visit our Datadriven.sg Facebook page or join our SheLovesData community and join the chatter!

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    GO-TALK x SheLovesData Indonesia

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