Data Science 101: Machine Learning Experimentation Using Python

Data Science 101: Machine Learning Experimentation Using Python

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    When you are starting a data science project using Python, first thing first, you would consider how to organize your machine

    learning workflow. This is important because it would determine how the type and validating it to robust the set-up data. With

    Lukman Aji Samudra, Data Scientist (Translator) at Telkomsel, we will share the knowledge on how to prepare the set-up before

    to start the machine learning experiment using Python.


    In this class, you will learn about:

    • Understanding principles in validating machine learning performance

    • A typical workflow in machine learning experimentation using Python

    • Preparing a robust set up for machine learning experimentation using Python

    • Several validation strategies, performance metrics, and also diverse learning algorithms


    This class is suggested for:

    • Data Analyst

    • Data Scientist

    • Software Engineer

    • Business Intelligence Enthusiast

    • Financial Services

    • Health Care Analyst

    • Oil and Gas Analyst

    • Data Enthusiast


    What will you get?

    • Full practical insights and knowledge from the Expert

    • Live Q&A session

    • Speaker's presentation material

    • E-certificate



    • This event will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia

    • Participants are advised to register to the Zoom link, 2 hours maximum before the event start

    • This event will be held via Zoom. So, please be advised to download Zoom and sign up/sign in through your Zoom account before the event start

    • The invitation Zoom link can be accessed through the e-voucher

    • Be sure you enter your full name and personal email correctly and valid

    • Please kindly check your Spam Box if you could not find the email regarding the Zoom link in your inbox

    • Please feel free to reach out to us at if you need any concerns or further assistance

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