[Glints x GMS] Step-by-step Methodology To Create An Engaging B2B Content Strategy

[Glints x GMS] Step-by-step Methodology To Create An Engaging B2B Content Strategy

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  • Why is this class important?

    B2B poses specific marketing challenges. Indeed when you sell to businesses instead of consumers, the sales cycle is longer, the investment bigger and more stakeholders are involved in the buying process. Content marketing is key to address those challenges and create long-term relationships, in order to improve both customer acquisition and retention.

    This workshop will be divided into two sessions. With our expert, Thibaut Briere (Managing Director Growth Marketing Studio), we will share some insights on:

    Session I: Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy for Your B2B Company (07th January 2021, 19:00 - 20:30)

    • Fundamentals of B2B marketing:

      • Key B2B marketing principles

      • Current B2B content marketing trends

      • Examples of content

    • Setting your goals

      • How to set a S.M.A.R.T goal

      • Examples of objectives for content marketing

      • How to decide the best goal for your strategy?

    • Understand your audience

      • What are personas and how to create them?

      • How do you discover customer needs and problems?

    • Map content on the customer journey

      • The ladder of awareness and 

      • Deciding content-type based on your user persona

      • Best practices in content creation

    Session 2: Amplify Your Marketing Efforts to Engage B2B Clients (14th January 2021, 19:00 - 20:30)

    • SEO Strategy

      • How to do keyword research

      • How to find content ideas?

      • Tips to optimize

      • Backlinks

    • Promote your content to the right audiences

    • How to measure, monitor and improve your content

    This Class is Suggested for:

    • Junior-to-mid level marketing professionals who needs to learn the strategic part of doing content marketing

    • Product marketers who work on B2B products

    • Professionals who are interested in:

      • Content marketing

      • Marketing Strategy

      • Digital marketing

      • Product marketing

      • Business development

      • Marketing communication

    What Will You Get?

    • Full practical insights and knowledge from the Expert
    • Guided by the expert from zero to becoming the master of content marketing
    • Hands-On from the Session
    • Speaker's presentation material
    • E-certificate



    • The event will be held on 15 & 21 December 2020.
    • Soundcheck will start at 18:50 (GMT+7).
    • The class will start at 19:00 (GMT+7).
    • Please provide us with your valid full name and email address. We will send the Zoom link through your registered email.
    • This class will use English as it’s language.
    • If you bought the bundle ticket, please inform your partner(s) email address to fadilah@glints.com.
    • You may contact our customer hero at hi@glints.com for further assistance.

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