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Fuse Experience

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  • Tagline: Another Atmosphere

    BINUS International Music Society (BIMUS) has proven to bring its annual events into success each year. BIMUS is a society in BINUS International University which consists of music and art enthusiasts in general. Annually, it has become an endeavour for the members to make events as a platform to embrace their creativity skills that are required to be honed.

    Hence, FUSE was created to be a strategic space where they can embrace their potentials, also to make this as an exclusive breakthrough event as the signature event of Binus University. FUSE is an annual music festival organized by BIMUS. FUSE itself represents a fusion between our main selling points, which are Music, Art, Fashion, and Food & Beverages in one space, being one of the first music festivals to have incorporated those elements.

    FUSE Experience will turn the conventional music festival experience for the fourth time with Space Odyssey concept and bring exclusive line-ups from local and international talents that will target better the youth. Furthermore, we seek to innovate by collaborating music and visual representations to provide a fresh and new concept to the public. Fuse Experience will be held on March, 2020.

    This event will have several main attractions. There will be a collaboration between art and music in one space in a form of projection mapping. Also, there are F&B companies that will contribute in the bazaar, this event could be the great place to bind up with others as you enjoy the festive atmosphere.

    Current Phase

    Kunto Aji

    Efek Rumah Kaca

    Sal Priadi

    Elephant Kind

    Ringgo 5 x Dead Bachelor

    The Trees and The Wild

    And many more to be announced on the next phases.

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    Terms & Conditions

    • Proof of ID is a requirement for every ticket purchase
    • 1 (one) e-voucher is valid for 1 (one) person on the date printed on the e-voucher
    • E-vouchers cannot be replicated or entry will be refused
    • E-voucher can be exchanged to wristband at Kuningan City on 21 March 2020 10:00 – 20:00
    • Presale and Normal ticket holders are free to enter and exit the venue during the event
    • FUSE is NOT responsible for the loss of this e-voucher
    • Any attempt to enter the festival/event without a valid ticket will result in the immediate removal from festival/event grounds.

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