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Sampoerna Academy
  • 1. Introduction

    The year-end program is a culminating activity that highlights the students' talents in the performing arts. Through this activity, students who take part develop their creativity by taking on various roles and responsibilities. In the same way, cooperation, commitment and camaraderie are fostered within all the members of the school community. These values are continuously cultivated towards the following semester and school years.

    2. The name of the activity : The name of this program is “What a Wonderful World”.

    3. Theme : Musical

    4. The Purpose of the activity:

    This program showcases Sampoerna Academy BSD student's talents and potential. The presentation is a good venue to show the students’ skills in the performing arts whether it be singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument.  

    5. Description of the activity:

    Selected students, teachers and staff from Pre-K to Grade 9 will take part in recording music/ dance videos that follow the theme, “What a Wonderful World”. Each grade level will also have pre recorded class performances based on the songs/ instruments they have been learning about in Music class. During the end of year celebration, each homeroom class will have a virtual party (hosted by the Homeroom teachers and supported by teacher assistants/assigned specialists) where they play games and watch the pre recorded presentations. 

    • The program is participated by all students, teachers and staff from Pre-Kindergarten to G9. 

    • The program will be a collection of pre-recorded videos and will be showcased virtually. 

    • Recording will start in November and will be edited towards the end of the month.

    6. Details of the activities:

    This activity will be held on:

    • Day : Friday 
    • Date : 11 December 2020
    • Time : 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
    • Venue : Virtual Event

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