Advanced Writing For Business - 2 December

Advanced Writing For Business - 2 December


  • Would you like to enhance your credibility and professionalism at work by taking your Business Writing Skills to the next level?

    This workshop considers the more challenging areas of modern business writing. Looking at a range of document types, you will discover how to build lasting relationships, get others to take action and handle challenging communications. The workshop includes various case-study activities where you can immediately put the new skills you learn into practice.

    Advanced Business Writing takes learners through a step-by-step approach to improving their business correspondence for the most commonly encountered business situations. The workshop provides realistic writing practice in the form of emails, reports, presentations and memos. Interested to join? Register now!



    Reader-Friendly Writing:
    - Explore the 4C's of Business Writing (Concise, Clear, Courteous, Correct)
    - Create a better, more professional Impression with readers
    - Explore ways to avoid misunderstanding with readers
    - Adapt your language and tailor your message to your leader

    Perfecting Your Writing:
    - Improve the style and accuracy of your own writing
    - Become a guide for team members and colleagues
    - Learn to proofread your work and correct common errors
    - Write persuasively in a way that gets the reader to take action

    Report and Proposals that Work:
    - Know-how to select the right content for different types of written correspondence
    - Report discussions and actions using the correct structure, tone and language
    - Project more professional image through your documents and emails

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    Advanced Writing For Business - 2 December

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